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interior design

We are one of the leading interior design team in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia.

We pride ourselves on doing everything within your budget. We come to your home or office, discuss with you about your project, and then create a design plan that matches our collaborative design ideas with the unique product, all created specifically for you and your lifestyle. Everything about us is custom, from initial design ideas all the way through installation, we handle it all, making your life easier and saving you valuable time. Plus, we always offer our clients an initial complimentary design consultation. Because interior matters.

We are specializing in commercial and residential design service. Ranging from in home, office, commercial consultation and space planning to coordination of furnishings and materials to renovation and construction management. iNTERIOR KAMI will transform your space into exactly what you have dreamed and even more than you would have expected! Redesign, renovations and interior design for any space, defined by budget and time is our goal.

Contact us for free initial consultation to review the project. We can help you in selections fitting the character of your home or business, space planning, preparation of preliminary floor plans, specification for types of materials and furnishings to implement design study, preparation of master color scheme, consultations with architect and contractors, etc.

©2015 iNTERIOR KAMI - Commercial & Residential interior projects welcome.

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vivian lim 2018-Apr-20 08:04:08
Interested to know your charges for :-
-Single Loaded double storey– 20’ x 32’ &
- Double Loaded double storey – 20’ x 35’
LEW 2018-Jan-31 05:01:47
Interested to know your charges for double storey semi-d about 3600sqft
choongkeng 2017-Aug-05 06:08:31
please kindly ring me up
i am interested
editor 2017-Jun-08 06:06:26
Hi Ng.W,
Thanks for comment, our sales team will contact for your inquiry.
NG.W 2017-Jun-07 10:06:07
May i know the design fee ( 3D)
what is the payment term ?
For Condominium 969sqft 2 bed room
editor 2017-Jan-12 04:01:35
Hello Baker, for your new office can you send us the info via email: [email protected]
baker 2017-Jan-11 16:01:53
i just got a total new empty office with the size of 22 x 73 sq feet. I would like to hear from you and see how it goes. thanks
Chong Jia Ping 2016-Jun-27 13:06:32
Hello, I need a quotation price interior design food kiosk in shopping mall, 8x8
Yong Hao Jie 2016-Apr-04 14:04:19
I plan to hire an interior designer that can assist me on renovating my condominium. i would like to hear some suggestion from you. keep in touch through email. Thank you
Lily khir 2015-Nov-30 00:11:38
I have a design concept and need someone to materialised the concept within my budget.will you be able to assist me?thanks