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marble tile in office areaMarble has unique property of adding aura of affluence. From several centuries human civilization has been using this in many different ways. No doubt till date the variant application of marble has given to show the creativity of human mind. Initially, marble was the adorable choice for artists to create statues, sculptures, and decorative pieces for embellishing their king's palace. Gradually, some other applications were discovered to get more out of this fantastic stone and the concept of tiling also become applicable to marble stones.

Marble tiles are though soft to cut that actually helps artists to carve into desire shape but once finished and polished becomes very strong. Its durability can be attributed with the fact that these tiles can run as long as lifetime. The fantastic use of marble tiles can be seen in the architectural structures of Rome and Greek. Their sophisticated and regal impacts make marble the most sought after material for home. This traditional practice has been carried out to the modern architecture. Making them the most authentic and perfect material for home interior.

The popularity of marble tile is soaring up high with each passing year. Marble tiles define culture as well as add antique style to the room. Those who like antique effect in their home, marble is just a perfect tile for their home. However, they are mostly liked by homeowners but are not limited to residential structures anymore. They are highly preferred by hotels, commercial complexes, even offices to obtain ethnic look. Bathrooms, hallways, pathways, etc. are few distinct yet frequently used areas where marble fits perfectly into it. Its common application areas include floor and wall, but they can be used according to one's taste or recent trend.

The variety in marble can be expected largely, because white is not the only colour it is found in, which is a common perception about marble. Yes, there are hosts of colour and finishes that can be found in the market. Vibrant colours like black, bronze, green and blue are available in this tile. Some of the finishes like tumbled marble are specially finished so as to give them a look of antique and well-worn.

Other than variety in colour and finished marble tiles are known for their supportive features like their ability to keep home cool. Marble has always remained as an eye soothing material since the time immemorial. No one exactly knows when marble were first used as tile but it has brought a new styling technical and given torch light to ever enthusiastic young architects to experiment their innovative ideas.

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