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cool color officeRed, pink, blue, green...more and more colors come into home decoration. But do you know which kind of colors is the most suitable for your room? A reasonable color collocation is really necessary for people.

1. Don't use blue color to decorate dining hall.
Blue is the color of a kind of imagination and the traditional blue often becomes a manifestation of tropic in modern decoration designs. This color also can regulate nerve and plays a role of sedative effect. Blue looks fresh and elegant that matches seductive with variety of fruits, but it is not suitable for using in the dining room or kitchen, because blue dining table will rouse less appetite compared with warm color; while do not fix incandescent or blue lights in dining room, as the study also shows that blue light will not make food look attractive.  

2. The black and white color in proportion.
Fashionable people tend to choose white and black matching decoration. However, if use the black and white in proportion in a room will make it too fancy, and living such environment long time will make people confused, nervous and irritable. So it had better choose the white as main color and other small parts could be decorated with other colors.


3. Purple would give a sense of oppression to people
Purple seems leave impression of quiet, vulnerable, delicate and unlimited imagination. Therefore, many people like to choose purple as their home main color. But large areas of purple color will darken the whole space so that resulting in oppression. So the cheerful room or child's room is not recommended to use purple. If you really like this color, you can decorate your parts with purple, such the corners of room or bathroom's valance.
4. Pink will bring irritable mood for people.

Heavy using of pink color will make people feel irritable easily. Some newly-wed couples like to choose this color for romantic atmosphere. However, the heavy pink color would make people in the excited state, and after a period of time, those people will fail to understand the feelings, and easy to quarrel and cause irritable mood. Pink is proposed as the embellishment of indoor decoration, or to dilute the concentration of this color, light pink walls or wallpaper could make the room warm.

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