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We love an airy open plan home scheme here at Home Designing, and this one has some particularly interesting features. This wide open space has a skeleton of raw walls and steel columns, and to counterbalance these rather industrial features the décor has been designed with small injections of color and shapely arrangements.


On the outside of the modern home we see that the building is box-like in shape, thus the interior gains little influence from the architectural layout. 

In contrast, the pool decking sweeps away in a curvaceous manner, making way for a lush lawn and planting. 

Inside the home we are immediately greeted with pops of primary colors, within a quirky upholstered yellow seat and a bright blue sideboard. 

On the far wall an artistic arrangement of shelving spans the space, offering homes to all of the family’s display pieces, books, collections and treasured belongings. 

A huge kitchen diner takes its place over by the large windows, with units situated away from the perimeter in a freestanding fashion. 

The display wall turns into an entertainment wall as it reaches the sofa area, giving way to a wall mounted flatscreen TV. A run of base cupboards are on hand to conceal media players, DVDs, consoles, and games. 

The master bedroom has a luxurious en suite bathroom, fitted with floating vanity units and a modern freestanding bath tub. The crisp white furniture sings against the same slate gray brickwork as is seen in the spacious living area. 

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