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nice granite top for office pantryEvery women dream is to have a beautiful kitchen with nice and long lasting countertops and cabinets. This is only possible if you invest on right things. When you shop for your kitchen in Huston you will find many varieties of countertops and cabinets. But choosing the best cabinets and countertops won't give a chance to remodel your kitchen in few years. The most common type countertops used for kitchen are laminate or quartz or granite or Silestone or Corian. All these have both advantages and disadvantages but select the countertops with less disadvantages. You will also find variety of woods for kitchen cabinets such as maple, oak, cherry, birch and hickory. But the best countertop and cabinet for installing in your kitchen are granite countertops and maple cabinets. Let's have a brief look on this kitchen countertops and cabinets.   

Granite countertop:
The granite countertops were seen only in high end homes but nowadays these are seen in almost every house. That's because these are durable from heat and scratches and have exquisite surface. These have geochemical form of magma which is formed under high heat and pressure of earth crust. The granite is expensive but very good investment. Even with new trends this granite countertops will still be in fashion. There is no doubt about the cost of this but you won't have any side expenses. This will enlighten your house which will give an elegant and sophisticated look. The colors of this stone are limited and mostly found in dark colors. These are very tough and can withstand heat, stain and cutting. But the main reason for choosing granite countertop is it gives a natural look in your kitchen. These are known as the second hardest rock which can stay the same for a longer time. These have the capacity to resist high temperature, stains and scratches. Even after this they have the tendency to shine for years and years.

Maple Cabinet:
The kitchens can look dull without the cabinets. Cabinets are more of necessity than show. These can be used for keeping bottles and jars or even for glass ware and crockery items. You can also find lot of ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets for kitchen which are less expensive. But the best kitchen cabinets are the maple wood cabinets. These cabinets are made of maple wood and redwood. These are known as the most strongest and sturdier cabinets and also are long lasting. Since the cabinets made of maple are strong these are not considered to be light weight cabinets. Maintaining and cleaning of this wood is lot more easily done than other woods. Kitchen is a place where heat and spilling of oily substance is more. In that case maple cabinets are the best for cleaning and removing stains. These are even stronger than mahogany wood.

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