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laying frsted glass filmReplacing your old windows with stained glass windows is a great idea to update your house. We all know that stained glass windows can be very attractive and can beauty to any house. You will find it easy to install stained glass windows. You just need to follow the process of installation in any other type of window. Read on to learn how to install your stained glass windows.

It is important that you gather first all the important tools and equipments that you need. These tools are namely putty knife or scraper, double sided setting tape and an exacto knife. It is important that you have a ladder that is safe to use for high windows. It is important as well that you have thick gloves and goggles to protect yourself.

Now, remove the old glass. It is better to remove the whole frame of the window if you are replacing everything. If you are only going to replace a few broken panes then be very careful. To remove panes, remove the stops first, cut the tape away from the window, apply a little pressure to the top of the window if necessary then remove the window from the frame.
It is advised that you clean the frames first before you start the installation of the new windows. After you have finished cleaning you can start sticking double sided tape on your window frame.

You are now all set to install your new windows. Carefully position the glass pane next to the window frame. The cover of the tape should then be removed and place your window pane into position. Be sure that you check if the window is aligned and mounted properly. Make sure that you put the stops again.
You have just read some things that will help you to install your stained glass windows. Be very cautious when you are doing this task since you may hurt yourself.

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Curtis Brinton 2020-Jan-22 02:01:39
That is not stained glass.