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glossy tiles in restaurantA tiled floor faces many troubles starting from weighty furniture to heavy foot traffic and naughty pets to stubborn kids. Choosing a right tile hence becomes a subject of concern. The fashion of tiling is not a new concept rather it is being practiced since several centuries when building a bricked house was itself a subject of surprise. In those days where beauty of architecture was a matter of deliberation, the durability was also a prime interest.

Admittedly, today's life style is not as feverish, rough and tumbled as it used to be in those aristocratic reigns. However, if not tough life we come across many thing in our daily life that some how affects the tiled area. If you have kids and/or a pet at your home you will surely understand the circumstances as the margin is pretty close. Kids run around after the pet with their shoes on, make floor dirty. The other side pets are not behind to reduce the life of your floor tile. When they try to escape, dig her claws in to get round corners tightly it is sure that you see scratches on the floor here and there.

The other moment which spoils your floor's beauty is the dinner time for the kids. If it is to feed kids means it is to feed floor. Kids spill as much food on floor as they eat. Small pets are more harassing as they move outside and inside house with mudded foot. All of this takes its toil on floor. The effect is observed more if the floor tile is of inferior quality.

If you are in search of better or high quality floor tile that can bear all of these regular problems then there are various types tile. You can consider granite, porcelain and marble tile for the floor. Because these tiles are strong and have hard surface it can tolerate any weight of furniture. Secondly, these are very elegant and impart the ambience of royalty.

The mentioned tiles are of high standard and look very classy. It has the ability to entirely change the look of home. Floor being one of the very important parts of home catch the attention of guests. So, it has to be beautiful and match with other decorative items in the room. The variety of designs and colours in floor tiles are breath taking. All you need to do is proper research so that you can find the best tile in the market.

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