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A staircase is commonly found in almost every building, be it a commercial one or a residential one. Running through inside or outside a building, it catches attention easily and so, its aesthetic value adds to the ambience of the room/building. A staircase has invariably got a handrail that runs along it adding more glamour to the rising staircase. It serves the dual purpose of providing a grip and support to the climber as well as safety from accidents. They are made of wood, metal or even glass. The type of handrail to be deployed to a staircase and its design is the owner's discretion completely.
Handrail brackets

A handrail is held in place and supported by handrail brackets. These are usually attached with the balusters. They are then placed vertically to the staircase flooring also known as the tread. As per the regulations and guidelines issued by the Domestic Staircase Regulation, the distance between the handrails and the floor must be a minimum of 900 mm. Ideally, the distance between the handrail brackets should be approximately 48".

If a staircase is straight throughout its full length then, at least two pairs of brackets are necessary to ensure proper support and safety to it. The brackets serve the utility of supporting and complimenting the rails. Just like the rails, their brackets too are fashioned out of wood, aluminum and steel, and they are available in all the possible shapes, sizes and colors suiting the tastes of different people. The design or the style of the rails and its brackets may be pivotal in the creation of a particular ambiance in a room.

Especially in offices or showrooms or even houses with themes it may work wonders. For example, a bamboo railing with a green bracket covered with creepers may provide the jungle or eco theme, while an all glass suave rails may add zing to the glitzy ambience of a room or say the artistic designs on the balusters or rails may reflect the owner's love for art and craft. The owner can play around with the combination of the design of rails, the brackets and the balusters to come up with unique and innovative designs for the room/office/house.

With a creative interior designer and providers and makers of equally creative rails and brackets, the design in mind or the computer design software can be turned into reality.

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