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led lighting in computer shop

When used the right way, led strip lighting can be highly desirable – as he proves in his own home. Morrison still considers incandescents to be a "fantastic light source" and though there's a movement to eliminate the bulbs, there are complications. For example, LED is not good for long-distance throws, and there are still a lot of fixtures that use only incandescent bulbs.

Though led lights are known more and more by us, energy-efficient lighting has a bad rap. The general public thinks that all fluorescents and LED lights are alike. As industry professionals, we know that there is a huge difference in the quality of the high-efficacy lamps on the market. The public just needs to be better educated about what is available."

Whitehead believes a major stumbling block to getting consumers to move away from traditional incandescent lights toward products like CFLs is some bad marketing by the lighting industry, which tried to sell the idea that a CFL will cost the same as a regular household bulb and be widely available.

"People already have a built-in aversion to fluorescent lighting," he points out. "We all grew up with fluorescent that hummed, fluttered and had iffy colors. Now the CFLs that are readily available at big-box and home stores are turning off buyers. What they are getting is a low-end CFL that is available for about a buck a bulb. They have a short lamp life, hum and are non-dimmable.

"What led strip light offers is almost twice as much illumination as a standard incandescent bulb, but it's also twice as hot, so you're heating up your environment. Halogen bulbs are also more expensive and almost an old technology now."


The future of lighting will not be dominated by one light source, Whitehead believes, but rather a combination of fluorescents and LEDs that layered together provide good and energy-efficient lighting.

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