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 solid wood panelAmerican Walnut is well known in the wood industry due to its exceptional variety of color, and unique grain pattern. It has rich dark chocolate brown colors, with purplish black straight to wavy grain pattern that often looks like marble. American Walnut can be found throughout the Appalachians and Midwest, it can also be found in most of the central and eastern parts of the United States. American Walnut is also known as "Black Walnut." This tree has been a common forest tree for years, however due to the high demand it is hard to keep a sufficient supply.

These trees do not do well in shady areas, but will thrive in direct sunlight. You will find they grow in moist rich soil which is commonly found along stream banks, or coves. It also produces a mild substance that can be toxic, or "allelopathic" to other plants called juglone. This acts as a defense mechanism against vegetation, to stop it from taking all the valuable nutrients and moisture the tree needs to grow. This tree produces a "Hugh" crown of 70 to 150 feet, and will spread 60 to 80 feet, it grows the most in its younger years. Each branch has a "chamber" that contains air pockets which easily indentifies the tree from all others. However, Walnut is not the best tree to have in your backyard, because it does produce a nut that can be eaten, but often their nuts and leaves fall prematurely due to a leaf disease, which makes it a nuisance to clean up!

With its dark rich color scheme it helps minimize the show of defect in the wood, which makes it an amazing wood to work with. American Walnut is also very scratch resistant, for those of us with pets, or high traffic areas. Walnut works easily with hand tools, machines, and nails and screws with ease. This makes it very appealing to be used for wood turning and carving, high quality furniture, cabinetmaking, boatbuilding, musical instruments, airplane propellers, gunstocks and flooring. This wood also has a distinctive sweet aroma when worked with. When polished it will produce a "luminous shine", that grabs your attention as soon as you enter the room. Maintaining a floor like this is as easy as using a hardwood floor mop and a vacuum. You don't want to use any strong chemical because it will dull the finish.

Black Walnut is one of the most prized hardwoods in the wood industry. It is denser than cherry or pine and holds up well in high traffic areas, such as great room, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, etc. Walnut is also very dimensionally stable which makes it ideal for flooring. It sands and finishes beautifully, and holds both paint and stain with no problem. It is simple to install, easy to maintain, and extremely durable. These characteristics are very important for making American Walnut an ideal choice for all of your flooring needs, whether it be prefinished or unfinished you will love the final result.

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