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Not only is chenille beautiful and comfortable, but it is also very traditional. Its name comes from the way in which it is uniquely made, and it can be made from a variety of fibers creating the special yarn. Often, it can be made from cotton, but acrylic, rayon, and olefin may also be used. Continue reading regarding the charm and comfort of a chenille bedspread.

Historians in textile, record its beginnings in the eighteenth century. At that time, a leno fabric was used, and then made into strips by cutting to form the necessary yarn. In the 1930's it was being used for bedspreads, throws, and even carpets. It gets that beautiful sheen from its iridescent appearance, when looked at from different angles.
By the 1970's it was being used in the production of clothing. The standards of its production were improved upon by the Chenille International Manufacturers Association (CIMA) which allowed a large production increase by the 1990's. You will find this particular fabric in many products now, as it is very soft to the touch, and is much stronger than it once was due to a new process of steaming used in the production.

It is now used in a large variety of different products including outerwear, window dressings, and even upholstery. The feel of this particular fabric is very difficult to match. It is known for its softness and a sheen that cannot be matched by any other fabric. Reflection effect, is the appearance which allows it that special look that makes it in such high demand. Due to this effect, during the manufacturing, the direction of the pile must be controlled.

When thinking of the name, a feeling of softness comes to mind. Often fabrics get their names from the type of fibers that they happen to be made from. Chenille, however, is the French word for caterpillar, and is named as such because of the process used to make it.

In order to create the yarn, short pieces of yarn which are known as the pile are placed between two other pieces referred to as the core yarns. These are all then twisted together. The edges of the piles will stand at right angles from the cores. This is how the yard gets it unique look, and why it is so incredibly soft.
To experience the softness and the beauty of one of these particular yarns woven into a bedspread is not soon forgotten.

The warmth and comfort are not to be compared to any other. Their appearance may be traditional, but they can be placed into any decor, and simply make the room.

The designs and patterns that are available for purchase will be limited only by the creator of the spreads themselves. No matter the color you need to outfit your room, you can find something online to take your breath away. Perhaps stark white is your preference, and this type bedspread will always get comments. One thing is certain, a picture will never do it justice, you must be able to put your hands on it, and see the way that it catches the light in the room to really appreciate it true beauty.

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