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When it comes to designing your home some people know exactly what they want. Some people know from an early age what they want their home to look like when they grow up, and other have trouble deciding on colour choices while the rest resort to magazines, television and show homes.  It doesn't matter how you choose if it works for you then it is correct and however, you come up with your choice an Interior Designer will give your ideas life, a personality.

Designing your home on your own is okay, but having an interior designer to help will save you time, energy and money. Interior designing is a certified course for a reason; there are many things you need to consider when designing such as using space, colour schemes and making it functional. An Interior Designer has the skills to putting your ideas into reality, knowledge of where to purchase what you need and to keep within your budget.

When you decide to start decorating and designing your home, having a focus or inspiration will make things easier. If your inspiration is the beach, your interior designer will concentrate on blue, green and yellow tones representing the sea, the trees and the sun. They will also look at having more light in the room and putting plants around so you get more of a natural feel to the place. However, if you prefer the style of say Buckingham Palace then antiques, silver; gold and white tones and luxurious furnishings might be the way to proceed.

Now I know it might sound simple to come up with ideas, but do you have any idea where you might place the couch?  Will you light the room with lamps or light fixtures? Will you use pre-made shelves or build them? What colour for the walls or would a feature wall be the best way to go?  Should you cover the floor with a rug or carpet or have polished boards? All these questions and more point to fact that interior designing is not as easy or simple as you might have originally believed.

A well designed interior makes a big difference to the feel of a room. Whereas, a study should have more a relaxing feel to it, compared to the living room where you'll be entertaining guests and colour therefore, will be a bigger consideration. You can play it safe and go with the beige theme throughout the house, but to truly bring a house alive you should give it an individual feel and give every room it's own personality.

All these things are what an interior designer will take care of on your behalf.  An interior designer will support your ideas and working together you can utilize their skills and knowledge, but please let them take care of the rest.


If you are not sure how to select a competent interior designer or get a recommendation from  someone, or check out the internet, but don't be afraid to set up a meeting with a few and see who gets you and your design ideas the most before hiring.

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