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Porcelain is world wide acclaimed tile for bathroom and kitchen areas. Often it is considered as Ceramic tile but Porcelain tile differs from Ceramic by being more impervious to moisture. This is precisely why it is used for wet areas. However, its usages are not limited to certain level. It can be also used as flooring material or on walls. There are two different forms of Porcelain available in the market – Glazed and unglazed. The glazed version is usually favored for bathroom walls. It is an ideal material for bathroom as it has low water absorption rate.

Porcelain tiles are better than Ceramic in many aspects. Their hardness resists water far better than any other tile. These tiles are graded from zero to five on the basis of their hardness and their ability to resist water absorption. The harder Porcelain is used for flooring and wall applications where as the lower rated material is favored for electrical insulator in devices and other electronic appliances.

Porcelain tiles are far more improved than natural tiles in many aspects. They are extremely economic and impervious to heat and water. They are highly considered for counter top surfaces and are in many instances Porcelain tile is not just more impervious compared to natural stone but they are also easier to maintain. Porcelain also does not demand any special sealants or treatments unlike natural stone.

While choosing any tile there are many aspects you have to keep in mind. It is highly important that what tile you choose matches with the requirement of the area to be tiled. As an example:

- For out-of-doors applications frost proof tiles will be the best choice as these are the hardest rated tiles at present.

- As a flooring material this is really a necessity that you look for a full bodied tile as they are the hardest tile.

Porcelain tile may not offer you the design options as ceramic tile does. Usually it is going to be of only of one color as the processing limit's the designs. Also, they are costlier than Ceramic but they worth the additional cost.


Porcelain tile is a fantastic material to work with. It is easy to look after the surface that can be easily cleaned using plain water. It is stain resistant and long lasting. Porcelain tile is better in many ways compared to any other tile. So, even if it costs more it does not bothers at all.

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