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carpet tiles in officeCarpet is one of the most popular types of flooring for both residential and commercial use. Most house owners, not quite all, have carpet somewhere in their homes. The types of carpet will vary enormously depending on prices, construction, design, color and type of yarn, and this versatility is one of the reason for its wide use.

Another is that carpet brings certain benefits to the home not only from the point of view of decor but also fro the point of view of practicality.
Carpets are made of yarn which can be synthetic or natural fibers. Therefore it is like putting on a sweater over your floors - in other words it provides warmth.

Residential carpet by definition will have an underlay of padding and this also enhance the warmth, but more importantly it provides a cushion and softness. This also insulates the colder floor and has a direct relationship with heat saving, which in turn means less energy use and cost.
Another excellent alternative for residential use (also commercial use) are carpet tile squares that are easy to install, come in a wide variety of designs and colors and have replacement and durability advantages.
Wall to wall carpets are installed so that they are slip resistant (the alternative would made wall to wall carpets disappear ages ago). The direct benefit is that slippery surfaces are eliminated and in the event of a fall the cushioning effects will prevent worse accidents.

Another benefit is that relating to sound. Carpets tend to absorb sound and this therefore means that one of the benefits is noise reduction from foot steps, from sound traveling along the air waves and reduces sounds being transmitted elsewhere.
Floor surfaces usually have a series of imperfections that can go from cracks to undulations or small indentations. Carpet, together with its pad, cover these and allow for a level surface.

Carpets that are manufactured today have life spans that go from 5 to 30 years even though average carpet replacements take place within that range and many times this is for decorative reasons.
Finally over the last two decades enormous advance have been made regarding the stain resistant qualities of the carpets so it is now much easier to clean carpets and remove what were previously very difficult stains.
The variety of yarns and construction definitions mean that you can find carpets from just about any price range, from very low cost to extremely high end residential carpets.

Warranties relating to fire resistance, durability, color fading, stain resistance and others are now a normal part of all carpets and this has resulted in an overall higher level of carpet quality.

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