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kids room designWith budgets growing tighter even as families seem to be getting larger, often couples find themselves in a starter home with a couple of kids. The house is great, but the rooms are all small. The kid's bedrooms are so small that they seem to be outgrowing them already. By doing some shopping around, you can find great space saving furniture for kid's rooms that won't overstretch the budget.

Kids just have to have toys. It's a fact of life. For years, we've employed the traditional toy box. It holds toys, at least for a while, until they're all over the floor again, making a small room look smaller. Using a captain's bed for your child's room gives you under-the-bed storage for the toys. Plus, if he wants to play on the floor, he'll have to close the drawers. That might actually help encourage him to put the toys he's not using away!

Another good idea is using a shoe storage bench to put away their footwear. Kids are tough on shoes and usually can only find half a pair, especially when you're in a hurry. A bench with shoe storage makes it easy to keep shoes together and off the floor.

My favorite space saving furniture item for a childrens furniture is the all-in-one play table. It can be a drawing table until you flip it over and then it's a painted play space for cars and trains. Its base is a storage cabinet toys not being used a place to wait for their turn. It looks great and provides lots of fun in a limited area.

You may not be able to give your child a bigger room anytime soon, but you can make the most of the room they have. Furnish it with smart pieces that make your child feel like they have a grown-up sized room to call their own.

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