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Cellulose insulation is important for thermal protection. At the same time it is also important to manage cost of operation. This procedure of insulation is generally used in order to increase the comfort of your home. Almost all the homes in the United States are constructed on the techniques of cellulose insulation. We also offer the service at a very competitive price. We also offer several options for the owners of home. Plastic foam, cellulose, rock wool and cotton insulation are used in the procedure of spray foam insulation. These are very easily available in the market.

These materials are stapled, sprayed and placed to give proper insulation. These factors totally depend upon the type of insulation you choose. Cellulose is the very usual reason for the loss of energy. There are many other factors of loss of energy for example, leakages, gaps, cracks etc. At times, because of wild air circulation, home loses heat. This trend differs from air leakage.


Cellulose insulation is two hundred times more energy efficient as compared to fiberglass methods of insulation. But significantly, this procedure of insulation is friendly to environment. This is one of the safest methods of insulation. This is because all cellulose is made up of paper and it is also treated so as to make it a fire resistance. These are required in order to provide positive insulation. Cellulose is hygroscopic and has the superiority to absorb chemicals and water.

The R value of cellulose is far better in comparison to the fiberglass. This is one of the key factors of cellulose. The selection of correct cellulose is important factor of the procedure of cellulose insulation. In order to get a satisfactory outcome, the quality of cellulose must not be compromised. These are the necessities of spray foam insulation which we offer to our customers up to their satisfaction level.

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HELMY FIRDAUS BIN CHE MAY 2017-Mar-01 01:03:57
Hi Sir/Mdm,

Can you please explain detail about cellulose spray insulation. I need some advise regarding to install Sound proof insulation under roof that has been complete roof. Previously we did not install any insulation under roof. The problem we faced is the sound of rainwater disrupt workers below. ( office building)

I also need some feedback about this:

1. what is the cost for 1 Sq.m ( supply and install )
2. how many percentages can reduce noise
3. please share of your previous job on this

Kindly need your advise

Note: size of building: 40ft x 80ft (3,200ft²)

Thank You


Northport (Malaysia) Bhd