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When it comes to getting the right window blinds or window treatment for your home or office, the choices can be overwhelming. With the wide range of places to buy, online, at a store, or some outlet, the service and help you get can sometimes lead you to pick blinds you do not want or fit your needs.

If you are going to buy online, it is very important you know some things about what to expect. For example, depending on what the blinds are made of, you can judge how strong or frail said blinds are, as well as its weight. For example, you will find not so cheap wood blinds to be more expensive then the fake knock off faux. But if you do not keep in mind that wood is light and strong, and faux is heavy and frail, you could end up paying more then you think.

With all the styles and kinds of blinds out there, I find that it helps to cut away big chunks of the options due to requirements and standards I have. This works with basically anything, if you can figure out what needs to be on the list.


The one everyone always has on the list, and sometimes the only thing on the list, is money. Common sense, can I pay for this? If some blinds are not in your price range, why bother looking at them at all. Easy right?

Next question, is a requirement, what are the length and height requirements, and do the blinds fit the requirement or are made to fit the requirement? This question also helps with the next question.

Next up, horizontal or vertical? Most windows will look best with horizontal blinds, but large sliding doors can use vertical, but in the end it is up to you. Usually.

Now that you know what blinds fit your door or window or whatever, time to pick your standards. Do your blinds need to look good? There went half the blinds if you do. Depending on the person that is.

Ok, enough playing, do you need lots of light options? Some blinds can give light ranges of 0-100% light, and others can only do 0% or 100%. Some blinds can not do total darkness and some do it very well. This should be something to consider.

How about privacy? Some blinds do a better job then others, just like lighting, pick what does what you need best. This will all depend on the room or office you are picking blinds for, or personal needs. A large role for blinds is to do just that, blind. This is where shades come in handy, nothing gets through solid fabric.

Do you want your blinds to insulate sound? Sound is a form of privacy, what goes on in your home or ahem, office is usually not what you want shared with those outside. Though no blinds keep all sound out, some do this task better then others.

As with sound insulation, blinds and shades can insulate heat as well, be it cold or hot. This makes good sense to spend more on blinds that keep the house warm or cool, saving money in the future on heating and cooling, paying for itself so to speak.

By now there should be few blinds to pick from, if any. Now for the ultimate question, what looks good? If you have to pay a lot for blinds, you might as well like them. Depending on how many choices you have and your taste you may have it easier or harder then others. But at least now you are a little closer to picking your right blinds.

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