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island counter for office pantryBarstools are an intrinsic part of a bar; it is hard to imagine a bar without them. To be absolutely honest, a bar is incomplete without these barstools to sit on and be able to nurse your drink. As a result, it is almost an unspoken mandate that bar tables must have barstools to accompany them. And the usage of such is not restricted to professional bars alone; you can have your mini home bars have these chic and stylish barstools as well for your own personal indulgence. There is a wide range to consider while you deliberate over which barstools to buy; each one of them carries an individualistic style that has its own set of appeal.

If you like to have a simple and effective design, which adds a lot of presence to your bar without being too loud, Belle bar stool can be taken into account. Every part of it hints at subtle and understated beauty that refreshes the look of your bar, just the way it should. Bar is by definition a place, where one chooses to relax and have a good time and this barstool fits that picture perfectly. Leather bar stools already have a name for being utterly gorgeous and utilitarian as well, and this one is no exception. To add a lot of comfort while you sit on it, the seat is upholstered in the softest Italian leather that leaves no room for errors.

The frame of the body is done in brushed stainless steel which again is efficiently sleek and gives it the modern and contemporary air. In no way, does the Belle bar stool compromise on style, it is cleverly woven furniture idea that develops in a natural way, effortlessly taking care of your utility and aesthetic needs both. It is different from swivel bar stools but in no way inferior. The CFS foam with the plywood seat base gives you enormous ease to sit on it without any trouble. This trendy barstool come fully assembled, so no worries about you having to assemble it even. Available in solid colors of Brown and Black, all you need to do is to pick one these and have fun.

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