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An area rug used as a piece for sitting purposes can also justify itself under the dining table. These rugs can change the mood of the room. They can soften the hard flooring and anchor small furniture items. Area rugs are available in different types of materials: oriental rugs, woolen rugs, woven rugs, Berber rugs etc. They can be of different shapes and sizes and are also available in customized forms. One should know certain basics about area rugs and how to understand its uniqueness before purchasing it.
Material or texture matters a lot in case of area rugs. Rugs of the middle order to upper end line are usually made of wool. The fine quality is made of silk. The economical ones go for synthetic fibers, such as acrylic, nylon, polypropylene and polyester. The moderate ones are cotton, sea grass and sisal rugs. If you want to buy a durable one which can be washed and maintained easily you have to go for synthetic rugs. These rugs are not comfortable but are durable. The natural fiber rugs are prone to staining if it is not washed immediately.

In order to buy a good quality rug one must look for the quality of the fiber, the type of dye used and the knots. It is not necessary that an expensive rug will be made of good dyes and knotted well. This should be done as the quality of a wool fiber depends mostly on the type of dye used. If the quality of the wool is good then it is dyed with fruits, plants and roots. Materials which are cheaper use synthetic dyes. Before buying a rug one must test it by rubbing a damp white cloth in the fiber. If the color transfers on the cloth the rug is not properly dyed. One must also check the fiber very carefully as most of the time very fine wool looks like silk.
The knitting of the rug is another factor that should be looked into while buying a rug. In order to find out whether, the rug is handmade see the opposite side of the rug. If the pattern is visible as clearly as the other end then it is not handmade. Then check the fringe. It should be the extension of the yarn and not sewed separately.
One should not buy rugs with cloth backings. These rugs are surely hiding something. Backings that are glued are prone to tearing while cleaning. The best quality handmade rugs are found in Iran. The Persian knot is different from other knots found in rugs. Rugs made by tribal manufacturers do not have knot number structure while rugs made in cities do have knots. The price of a rug depends on the number of knots it has. The numbers decide the quality of the rugs.
Area rugs are priced according to its age. The older the rug the costlier it is. Sometimes the dealers wash the rugs with chemicals to make it look older. Such rugs are called antiqued rug. One should always ask for a certificate of authentication for the rug. It adds value if you want to sell it in near future.

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