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roller blinds in meeting roomSo what's the first thing you notice when you enter a room? What gives the room an inviting feeling,  a feeling of style, elegance , and comfort,?
Its probably not the table or chairs, its probably not the sideboard or settee and it definitely wont be the 42" plasma; nice though it is.
It's the soft furnishings that add a feeling of style, elegance and comfort to a room, and to be more precise, the curtains.  A beautiful pair of made to measure curtains will do more than simply cover the window and stop people looking in on dark winter nights.

They will give you a feeling of style, elegance , and comfort when you enter the room; assuming, of course, they have been professionally made and coordinate with the decoration.
Soft furnishings are very often overlooked when it comes to revamping a property. Many people simply concentrate on the structure of the building; how to make the interior more functional, how to introduce more light and create more space, and forget the finishing touch, the one thing that makes you and I feel important and special and creates a feeling of style , elegance and comfort.

How often have you been in a hotel or restaurant, or perhaps a neighbours house, where the curtains and soft furnishings seem to have been an afterthought.  The owners have simply put some faintly coordinating fabric at the window on the thinnest of curtain poles, bending under the strain, simply to soften the harshness of an empty window and provide some privacy. They don't seem to realise just how much more practical and effective a pair of beautiful made to measure curtains will be and how much they add to the overall impression when first entering the room.

Of course looking for the least expensive option is understandable in present times when perhaps money is a bit tight. When you are trying to decorate on a budget you may well be tempted to cut corners and make do with less expensive curtains . It's a very tempting alternative to buy ready made curtains and an inexpensive pole from a high street retailer and simply throw something up at the windows for privacy. It's true that made to measure curtains are going to be more expensive than the ready made option, but one that I think is well worth considering.

However, choose you supplier carefully, pick someone with plenty of experience, someone who knows the pitfalls like Hertfordshire based Linda Turner Interiors. Linda thinks it's really important to spend time with her clients in their property, finding out exactly what their requirements are so she can help them to choose the right fabric and advise on the correct hardware. That way she can be sure she'll supply, deliver and install beautiful made to measure curtains which the client will be happy with for years to come.
‘It sounds simple, but the best place to view and match fabric for your soft furnishings is in the room where your curtains and blinds will be, not in a shop!  The shape of the room, the light and of course the existing furniture and fittings all have an effect on how the fabric looks.' She said.
With over 30 years in the industry, Linda's clearly enthusiastic about curtains, fabric and soft furnishings in general.
‘It breaks my heart to meet someone who's been the victim of inexperienced design or clumsy fitting.' She added..
If you are someone who likes the idea of living in style, surrounded with beautiful pieces of furniture, with elegant curtains at the windows then, in my opinion, ready made curtains are not an option you should be considering.

I personally think a well dressed pair of made to measure curtains in a beautiful fabric are likely to last much longer and create a much bigger impact than a budget  pair of ready made curtains from a high street retailer.  What's more they will fit perfectly, hang beautifully  and look absolutely  stunning.  Each time you enter the room you will get that feeling of style, elegance , and comfort.

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mala 2018-Jan-24 12:01:08
Hi I m looking for someone who can do interior at my living area.
at a reasonable price in petaling jaya.


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