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The best interior design service team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

iNTERIOR KAMI provide complete range of high end interior services and decoration of commercial and residential outfits in different communities throughout Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia. We are specializing in High-end Commercial and Residential interior design services. Interior KAMI is a professional interior design company and space planning firm recognized for innovation.

Our firm expertise is in space planning and implementation based on client's needs, creating designs that reflect the needs, tastes and budgets of our clients.  We provide both a full interior design consultation service as well as a measure and quote advisory service for interior designing, floor planning, space planning projects.  Based from offices in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, we will come to your home or office and discuss with you your requirements and assess, select and specify colour, fabrics, furniture, lighting, window treatments and wall and floor coverings.

Design Plan Typically Includes:

  • Custom Floor Plan / Furniture Layout - Professional floor plan, interior plan and furtniture detail plan provided for all project.
  • A Written Summary - Your personal design recommendations and suggestions. Often, we find that is helpful for our clients to have the “why” behind our design process so they can successfully carry out the design process.
  • Furniture Specifications - Furniture that works in your space, no more guessing about the size of furniture you order on-line. Most recommended furniture will be items that you can order yourself as your budget permits. Detailed instructions, including fabric specifications, size details, web site links and current pricing, will be included. Details, including fabric specifications and size information, web site links and current pricing, will be included.
  • Accessories - Art and Lamp Recommendations to compliment the overall design style of your new room.
  • Paint Color Suggestion - To complement the look and unify the space.
  • Professional Interior Design Tips - Help answer questions that may arise during the process, questions such as what finish of paint should I use and how do I read my floor plans?
  • Personalized Project Binder - Helps you to save all room details in one organized location and refer to as needed.

Interior Design and Decortion service


At iNTERIOR KAMI we believe 'A good designer should save you time and money'
Each client's requirements and expectations of the interior design process vary.  From those who arrive at our office with architects plans to those who wish us to come in at the end of a development to help complete the finish.
We can provide: Interior Floor layout plan, Interior Detail Drawing, Spatial planning, Lighting Design, Mechanical electrical and furniture layout planning with 3D visuals. Selection and specification of materials and finishes for example, curtains, blinds, furnishings, lighting, furniture, wallcoverings and floorcoverings. Complete finish and site management.

The success of space planning and consequently the entire design project is totally dependent on how well we have captured and transformed client’s vision into a built reality. Client’s wishes are the top priority for our team of interior design consultants and client’s participation is encouraged at all stages during the planning and implementation of the project.

For any commercial or residential interior design project, our team of professionals is fully responsible for preparation of complete turnkey package with all project details from initial conception phase to the final installation. We provide an exceptional service at every level of the project including overall project management of your interior design changes.

Our emphasis on budget management and scheduling of all activities ensures smooth and successful completion of all interior design projects exceeding client’s expectations. We will supervise ordering and tracking of all products, coordination with contractors, delivery and installation of floor and wall coverings, furniture, light fixtures etc. and ensure proper maintenance of all objects that are needed for the space. Our goal is to create a unique and innovative solution that will be a perfect balance.

Interior Design and Decoration standard work-flow


 Design Stage - Initial meeting (free) in which the brief is defined, budgets and a breakdown of fees are established.  On site or if this isn't possible at our office. 
Ideas meeting in which mood boards are presented with basic layouts and drawings.  Once ideas are approved and depending upon the projects requirements, this may be followed by a detailed drawing meeting in which the drawings and sample boards are finalised.  The drawings can be presented in plan and 3D format, either hand or CAD drawing.
Progress Stage - A Interior design specification and furniture schedule are presented.  These contain detailed information on all the products used and list the works required by the suppliers and contractors for quotation purposes. Following the approval of design drawings, sampleboards and specifications we will draw up a detailed estimate for soft furnishings, wallpaper, furniture, accessories, floorcoverings and obtain estimates from contractors.  Once approved, contractors will be coordinated and a Schedule of Works drawn up.  The contractors appointed to do the work are supervising by iNTERIOR KAMI.

Supply Stage- Delivery, installation and completion dates are confirmed with returns policies checked and any waranties or certificates presented.

Contact us now for your unique iNTERIOR Design.

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Paul Ellis 2015-Feb-05 07:02:17
Schaefer Kalk (M) has moved to a new office in Menara K1. Our entrance area needs designing to reflect our Company Image. A small job, but important to us. We need help.