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Add to cart for for product, add the quantity and click "add to cart"

order add to cart

At the side panel you can see cart modul, you can select your prefer currency, click "proceed to checkout" to complete the payment:

shopping cart side module

Login to your account if you have or register an account free

order login

Login to proceed to next step, you can add your shipping and billing address fo rthis order:

order step login

Select your prefer shipping method:

order step shipping

Click next to selecte the payment method:

order step payment


Then "next" for cart status, tick to agree the term of service for our platform and vendor term of service then click "finish" to complete the payment

order step detail

Once click the "Finish" you will redirect to Paypal payment process page if you select Paypal payment method. Bank info will show if you select bank transfer in the order final page.

You can check your order lists at the side user manu > user control panel > view your orders

user menu1

customer order lists