Sauna Cabin

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Cabin Size

1100mm (L) x 1100mm (W) x 2100mm (H)

Finland Spruce SaunaCabin

Timber wall & ceiling panel, bench,fixed tempered glass front panel & tempered glass door, timber handle, hingesandtimber flooring.

Ceramic Infrared Heater

give heat surface at 300 degrees F since the ceramic surface has a much higher emissive to 92%, and radiates this far infrared in order to warm your body more safely and effectively  

Control Panel

Complete set of heater controls designed with thermostat with internal wiring connection, LCD reading for temperature, lighting control, and On/Off button.

Light Fixture

Vapor proof and wall mounted sauna light with bulb 230V/50Hz, 60W, with wiring connection to the infrared sauna system.

Wiring Connection

To supply and fix electrical wiring from the wall mount control panel to the infrared heater and sensor.

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