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Proposed concept design design for existing mini market with 3 shop lot at Klang taman sentosa.

Job 1 week, type : mini market design

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editor 2017-Apr-19 05:04:42
Hello Mohamed Shaweed, we will contact via email for the detail.
Thank you for interested with our service.
Mohamed Shaweed 2017-Apr-18 19:04:57
We have are planning to open a mini mart in Maldives.
We are looking for a interior designer.
Rames Ramu 2016-Sep-24 01:09:41
Nice design,may b i opening this dec2016 my 3rd shop ,i will call you for new design..
ANG BOON JIAN 2016-Jun-30 04:06:03
i like your design and idea, this would be a driven to the future modernist mini mart

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