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Bio Oxidative Therapy centerDesign and build Bio Oxidative Therapy centre at Galeria Sri Hartamas, KL for Bellaza Bloom.

Project scope: Interior design and build for new shop lot at Sri Hartamas, space planing, ceiling, flooring and furniture.

Size: New shop lot 1300sf

Capacity: Reception, waiting area, small office, ozone room, suana room, pantry and toilet.

Duration: 4 weeks

Business Type: Bio Oxidative is a highly effective and safe alternative treatment in treating many critical diseases and illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. The most common technique of Bio Oxidation clinically utilized today... read more here

Design Drawings:

layout plan

furniture detail

furniture detail

reception counter detail

wooden door detail

cabinet detail 1

pantry cabinet detail

feature wall detail

Some perspective drawing:

perspective reception area

reception and counter perspective

treament area and pantry

Before renovation photos:

new shop lot at sri hartamas

tailet area

new shop at galaria sri hartamas kl

galleria sri hartamas

Renovation progress photos:

plaster ceilingf frame and marking floor for partition

Install plaster ceiling frame

marking floor

marking at floor

Marking for the curve partition

cutting partitio frame

Cutting partition for curve partition

install air-cond copper pipe

install copper pipe for air-cond

Install copper pipe for air-cond before cover the plaster ceiling.

 install curve partition frame

install curve partition

curve partition

wiring concealed in partition

Install curve gypsum board partition.

cover plaster ceiling

curve partition

Laying wiring concealed in ceiling and plaster/fill partition join with filler

plastering plaster ceiling

Plastering plaster ceiling

wooden pole

wooden pole

Wooden pole with nature wood veener and aluminium stripe.

wooden raise platform

wooden raise floor

Wooden raise platform

 carpentry works

Carpentry works

water feature wall completed

Completed water feature wall

ceiling downlight

Ceiling downlight and completed wooden pole

consultancy counter

T shape coounter with nature wooden veener

hng filing cabinet

HUng filing cabinet in nature wooden veener

plaster ceiling with light drop

plaster ceiling with concealed light

Plaster ceiling with light drop and concealed T5 warm lights

color glass at feature wall

install color glass panel

Install color glass panel to feature wall.

install wallpaper

laying wallpaper

Install wallpaper and cleaning site for laying carpet tiles

install acrylic wording logo

installing company logo

12mm thk acrylic woding logo

feature wall with logo

Install 12mm thk acrylic woding logo with matt spraying finished.

 install vinyl wooden floor

install wooden flooring

carpet tiles

Install wooden vinyl floor and carpet tiles.


Varnishing a semi gross layer to wooden cabinet.

final check for defect

final cleaning site

site cleaning

Final check for defect and site cleaning.

install light fitting at cabinet

ceramic basin at cabinet

Install light fitting and sanitary fittings.

Completion photos:

ozone treatment area

ozone area

ozone area

Ozone treatment area with island TV cabinet.

complet photo

pantry area

pantry and toilet

Pantry and toilet

water feature wall

water feature wall

Water feature wall.

belleza bloom

belleza bloom

facial room

facial room

reception area

Belleza Bloom opening day

belleza bloom opening day


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