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Bobo tea house at alam damai cherasDesign and build for existing tea/cafe shop at Alam Damai Cheras- Bobo House

Project scope: Interior design and build for existing ground floor shop lot at Alam Damai Cheras

Size: Existing shop lot 1600SF

Capacity: Beverage counter, cashier counter, seating area, platform.

Duration: 3weeks

Business Type: Bubble tea/cafe house

Renovation progress photos:

installation of table, counter

Installation of counter cabinet.

Install of counter top

Installing counter top.

installing of display signage

Installing of menu display signage

Raise platform

Raise platform with wooden frame and wooden laminate floor.

Completion photos:

 external signage

External signage with boxup wording complete with LED light.

main seating area

main seating area

Main seating area.

inkjet print wallpaper

Injet print wallpaper.

raise platform seat area

Raise platform seat area.

external seat area

External seat area.

Cahier counter


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