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design and build mini marketDesign and build for existing mini market at Bukit Anggerik, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur for LH Grocery Mart Sdb Bhd.

Project scope: Interior design for existing mini market ground floor 2 x shop lot

Size: ground floor shop lot 3000sf

Capacity: office, store, flooring, electrical, networking, racking, counter & signage

Duration: 4weeks

Business Type: Mini Market with wholesale of dry seafood.

Design Drawings:

mini market layout plan

mini market iso view


display rack

center counter

island display

hung round metal rack

partition with signage

Site photos before renovation:

mini market before renovation

existing display area

existing display area

existing store

existing back side

eggs display

existing display area

existing cashier counter

Renovation progress photos:

demolish brick wall

demolsh brick wall

wall demolishing

temporay cover

Demolish brick wall and cover working area at first day of work

 make opeing of shop

wall demolsihed

demolish toilet wall

Demolish brick wall and toilet wall to make bigger space

 raise store and office floor level

hacking floor

Raise floor level for office and store

touch-up wall

raise floor

wall skimming and raise floor for tiling

painting ceiling


Painting rc slab with under coat

hacking floor

hacking floor

Hack floor to rough for new tile installation



laying floor tiles

install floor tiles

Floor tiling

wire trunking


Install wire trunking and wiring.

upgrade toilet wall

Upgrade toilet wall tiles.

level front corridor

Level front corridor for tile installation

install air-cond

Install air conditioner.

installing flourecent light

Install flourecent light at trunking.

install display rack

gondola rack

Gondola display rack

Install gondola racking for stock display.

island counter frame

island counter metal frame

round hung rack frame

Island counter and hung round rack metal frame at factory in progress.

install roller shutter

Dismantle existing metal folding gate and install new roller shutter.

install aluminium glass partition

install glass panel

Install aluminium glass partition

install ms pole

non halal section

Install MS pole for non-halal section.

install island counter

island counter with wooden stripe

install wooden stripe

island counter

Install island counter c/w metal frame and wooden stripe in varnish finished

 install hung rack

install hung rack

install hung rack

hung metal rack

 Install hung rack

island counter after vanish

island counter

Island counetr with wooden stripe after vanishing.

signage in progress

sigange back in progress

signage back in progress

wooden box

wooden box

wooden box

Signage panel and wooden box in progress at factory

signage panel

fruits display rack

Sigange and fruits display rack

gondola end lot

gondola round end lot

gondola end lot

Install gondola round end unit.


fridge wall

Install fridge wall

Completion photos:

Main entrance of LH Grocery mart

Main entrance, signage.

internal signage

internal signage

Internal signage with aluminium glass partition in powder coat finished and acrylic cut-out wording with back light.

display rack

display counter

display area

cashier counter

island counter

Complete set of project album you can refer here or follow us at Google+ or Facebook.

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Anjib Ahmed 2018-Mar-15 07:03:49

I'm looking for mini market design. The area about 50*200sf.
Looking for the cost.

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