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office at plaza damas 3Office interior design and build project at Plaza damas 3, Sri Hartamas, KL for Azimation werks sdn bhd.

Size: New empty lot, 1500sf/floor, double storey office lot.

Project: Design and build

Capacity: 1st floor - 2 office + 1 prayer room + pantry + 10 workstation. 2nd floor - meeting room 10pax + MD room + mgr room + 2 workstation and waiting area.

Duration: 4 weeks

Business type: Computer animation

Design drawings:

1st floor 3d model layout

1st floor 3d layout 2

 1st floor 3d layout -  simple normal office for 1st floor, complete with 2 manager rooms, 1 prayer room, pantry and 10 seat workstation. Normal loop pile roll carpet for flooring, 4' x 2' suspended gypsum board partition, gypsum board partition and normal 2' x 4' flourecent ceiling light. Granite counter top for pantry and acrylic door for pantry cabinet.

2nd floor 3d layout

2nd floor 3d layout

2nd floor 3d layout - modern color office complete with one 10pax meeting room, 1 x MD room, 1 x manager room, 2 workstation and waiting area. 2' x 2' suspended gypsum board ceiling c/w selected dark color emulsion paint, selected 500mm x 500mm loop pile carpet tiles and 4" x 3' wooden vinyl tile for flooring, aluminium glass partition room with gypsum board partition divider c/w selected emulsion paint fin. and cabinet with selected laminate fin.


Perspective drawing:

Top view 2nd floor

2nd floor top view

1st floor waiting area

1st floor waiting area

1st floor workstation

1st floor workstation

1st floor workstation view 2

Another 1st floor workstation view

1st floor pantry perspective view

1st floor pantry and OA area

2nd floor meeting room 10 pax

10pax meeting room

2nd floor 10pax meeting room

 2nd floor GM room

2nd floor MD room

2nd floor general office area

2nd floor general office area


Office before renovation:

1st floor empty lot

office lot at plaza damas3

1st floor entrance

1st floor empty lot


Renovation progress photos:

ceiling and partition wroks

ceiling and partition works

Suspended ceiling framing work and gypsum board partition works at 1-3 days.

light cabling at ceiling

air-cond piping  at ceiling

lighting cable in conduce

ceiling board cut in 2 foot x 2 foot

Laying of light and power cable after ceiling framing complete, and air-cond copper pipe.

installing of ceiling board

conceal of wall wiring

2' x 2' gypsum ceiling board installed and conceal wiring with plaster to receive new painting later.

cabinet installation

installing cabinet

install filing cabinet

Installing of filing cabinet.

install pantry cabinet

install pantry cabinet

Installing of pantry country and hung cabinet

aluminium glass partition

install hung filing cabinet

Installing of aluminium glass partition frame and hung filing cabinet.

toilet door in laminate

laminate door

laminate wooden door

Laminate wooden door to be install.

installing wooden door

wooden door installation

Installation of wooden doors.

wooden panel frame

wooden frame for wall panel

install wooden panel

 formaica lamination

 wooden wall laminate panel

Install wooden frame for laminate wall panels.

Wwall panel after laminate

wooden laminate panel

laminate wall panel with door

Wooden frame after laminate formaica.

 installing glass partition

Install glass panel to glass partition.

install pantry counter

install cabinet door

install hung cabinet

install counter top

Installation of pantry cabinet, granite counter top and cabinet door.

 laying loop pile carpet

install carpet tile

installing of vinyl foor

installing vinyl floor

Installation of flooring, roll carpet, carpet tile and vinyl floor.

 install frosted film

frosted film in glass partition

Installing of frosted film to aluminium glass partition.

 install glass writing board

Installing of glass writing board.

workstation 10pax

meeting table installation

Finally the those loose furniture, office chairs, workstation and table.


Completion photos:

2nd floor corridor

2nd floor general working area

2nd floor floor corridor

2nd floor general workstation and room partition with laminate panel.

1st floor workstation

workstation 8pax

1st floor general workstation.

meeting room

meeting room

meeting room

Meeting room for 10pax, display cabinet, glass writing board and roller blind.

 MD room

md room

MD room with carpet tile, aluminium glass partition with frosted film.

 pantry and counter table

high gross cabinet door

wall mosaic tile

Pantry cabinet with high gross acrylic door and granite counter table.

Full project photo album here or follow our G+ page here or Facebook here.

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