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dj auto reception areaInterior design and build for existing factory office at Beranang, Semenyih, Selangor for DJ Auto Components Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Project scope: Interior design and build for existing factory office, canteen, reception area and meeting room.

Size: Existing ground floor factory lot 5000sf

Capacity: 1 x canteen with kitchen for 150paxs, meeting room with 10paxs, office room with 12 workstation, male & female prayer room

Duration: 4 weeks

Business Type: Manufacture of vehicle brake pads.

Design Drawings:

layout plan

layout 2

reception area design drawing

kitchen deisgn drawing

Office before renovation photos:

office facade

reception area before renovation

Reception area before renovation.

office room before renovation

Office room before renovation

canteen space before renovation

canteen space

Canteen space before renovation


Renovation progress photos:

remove existing tiles for new tiles

remove existing floor tiles

remove existing floor tiles

Remove existing floor tiles and cement layer to receive new tiles installation.

remove existing wiring

remove flooring

tiles and cement layer removed

Removed wiring, lighting, tiles and cement layer. Start suspended ceiling frame works.

 lay new cement layer for tiling

new cement layer and underground trunking

Lay new cement layer for tiling and trunking for wiring.

floor tiles

laying new floor tiles

New layer of cement and laying new 2' x 2' floor tiles.

new 2' x 2' floor tiles

new tiling

finish floor tiling

New 2' x 2' floor tiles.

new wall tiles at kitchen

New 1' x 2' wall tiles at kitchen.

 install aluminium glass partition

new aluminium glass partition and plaster ceiling

Installing new aluminium glass partition and plaster ceiling at meeting room and reception area.

install suspended ceiling frame

plaster gypsum partition

Installing new wiring, suspended eciling and plastering gypsum board partition.

installing new floor tiles at facade

Installing new floor tiles at factory facade.

install air-cond and paint wall

Installing air-cond and painting wall with selected emulsion paint.

install color glass panel to kitchen

color glass panel wall at kitchen

Install color glass panel to kitchen wall.

install light fittings

install light fittings

Installingf light fittings and electrical fittings.

painting plaster ceiling

painting plaster ceiling

Plater ceiling paint with emulsion paint with sky cloud pattern

plaster ceiling at reception area

Plaster ceiling at reception area.

 install cooking hook and exhaust ducting

exhaust ducting

exhaust ducting

Installing cooking hok and exhaust ducting to kitchen.

laying wallpaper to wall

laying wall paper

laying wallpaper

laying wallpaper

wallpaper at canteen wall

Laying wallpaper to canteen wall.

 cleaning floor tiles

cleaning floor tiles

cleaning wall tiles

Cleaning floor and wall tiles.

install arcylic company logo

install company logo

sticking acrylic wording

company logo

12mm thk. acrylic logo

company logo

Install 12mm thk acrylic wording logo to reception area.

 install workstation

meeting table

Installing of loose furniture.

laying frosted film to main door

Installing frosted film to glass door.


Completion photos:

Canteen with table and chairs

Factory canteen

Factory canteen with fiber table and chairs.



Canteen kitchen with color glass wall and stainless steel equipments.

meeting room

meeting room

Meeting room.


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