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installing logo wordingInterior design and build for new office lot at Bistari Subang, Shah Alam for Lopez & Partners 

Project scope: Interior design and build for new office lot at Bistari Subang, Shah Alam, ceiling, flooring, partitioning, wiring, networking and carpentry works.

Size: New empty office lot 1600sf at 2nd floor

Capacity: 1 x MD room, 1 x Mgr room, workstation, store, pantry.

Duration: 2 weeks

Business Type: Lawyer office

Design Drawings:

layout plan

general working area perspective

general working area perspective

md room

office rooms

Office before renovation photos:

shop office at subang bistari

office lot at subang bistari

empty office at subang bistari

Renovation progress photos:

installing suspended ceiling frame

installation of suspended ceiling frame

Installation of 2' x 2' suspended gypsum ceiling frame.

 wiring at ceiling

Laying wire at the ceiling for lighting and air-cond.

cover with ceiling board

ceiling board painted with emulsion paint

Cover the ceiling with gypsum ceiling board.

installing aluminium glass partition

Install aluminium glass partition for MD room.

Installing wooden flooring

installing wooden flooring

Installing wooden flooring.

flooring with wooden panel

Floor after intstalled wooden panels.

partition installation

Cover all ceiling board and lighting.

install glass panel

Install glass panel at aluminium frame.

install frosted film at glass partition

laying frosted film

Lay frosted film to glass partition.

feature wall for company logo

marking logo

stick logo to feature wall

install acrylic wording

Installing acrylic wording for company logo.

Completion photos:

view from MD room

completion photo

meeting room

md room

glass partition with frosted film


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