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Kepong shop office design and buildDesign and build for existing shop office at Kepong Kuala Lumpur

Project scope: Interior design for shop office with plaster ceiling, glass partition and flooring.

Size: ground floor shop lot 1300sf

Capacity: shop, office, store, flooring, electrical, counter & signage

Duration: 2 weeks

Business Type: Herbs wholesale shop office

Design Drawings:

Iso view

layout plan

reception counter

Site photos before renovation:

front site photo

site photo before renovation

Renovation progress photos:

 Plaster ceiling work

plaster ceiling work

Plaster ceiling work

Installing of plaster ceiling frame works



Gypsum board partitioning

Glass partitioning

Aluminium glass partitioning

Aluminium glass partitioning

Plaster ceiling board installing

Installing plaster ceiling board

Installing of plaster ceiling board


Wiring, networking, phone wiring

Installing glass panel

installing glass panel and glass door

Glass partition

Glass partition

Installing glass panel and glass door.

painting and lighting for plaster ceiling

Painting and plaster ceiling lighting

Painting and plaster ceiling lighting.

reception counter

reception area

Reception counterand waiting area.

Laying frosted glass film

Frosted glass flim

Laying frosted glass film


Completion photos:

Reception and waiting area


Reception area

showcase area

Products showcase

waiting area

Waiting area



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Scott Harrington 2019-Jan-26 14:01:56

Please can your office contact me on 0176446869 in regards to glass partisioning and design.


Scott Harrington
sashineka Sumbulingam 2018-Dec-02 16:12:32
Planning to built a partition for my studio apartment. Width 13 f00t and height 10 foot. Looking for cost effective partition woth door.
Dien 2018-Oct-30 17:10:25
would like to do glass partition at my new office at Puncak jalil, kindly advice contact for detail discussion.
Lee 2018-Aug-07 07:08:59
would like to do glass partition at my studio at ara damansara (with lift), kindly advice contact for detail discussion.
Alexander Lacheta 2018-Jan-03 07:01:20
We have a very small job adding two glass wall dividers (each 4meters) to our office. One with glass door. If interested please contact us. Our office is at Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara.
Emira Ellias 2017-Feb-11 12:02:23
Hi, i would like to enquire for a shop kiosk 150sq ft.
Mohamed Elzunni 2016-Nov-30 07:11:57
I want to design and build a boxes for perfume display... so I want to ask if you offer this service or it's not available?
Thank you

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